I.T. support is crucial and important. Whenever you purchase a new PC or Laptop for your office or home or installed a new software and hardware in your system, you always need a demo for how to use a particular product. Unless you are a tech geek, you need to understand how necessary things work on the new product that you have recently purchased. The idea here is you know the function and features of a particular device and decide how you can make the most of it. Though the I.T. support is beneficial, the companies might fail in delivering the same. The I.T. support usually falls under after sales service which many companies lag in serving. Sometimes, it becomes altercation between the customer and the company regarding the I.T. support. So, Windows came up with AutoPilot feature to get rid of these problems.

The companies don’t find real and valuable people who can explain the product to the client. So,Windows introduced AutoPilot.

Well, operating system giant Windows has come up with an interesting idea. Microsoft recently announced its unique way to customised I.T. support. They only replace the stereotypical way of I.T. support with updated software. Windows introduced AutoPilot. The new feature lets end user purchase the new computer/laptops directly from the manufacturer or the OEM. According to the description of this new feature from Microsoft, IT professionals don’t have to install drivers and do the first boot of the machine. This service is “zero-touch” provisioning of new PC and some standard and traditional steps of initial setups and out-of-the-box procedures won’t be there anymore.

According to the company, AutoPilot works with Windows 10 version 1703. The service is limited as of now, and not everybody can access the same. Ventures who uses Microsoft surface currently, have to wait for this amazing AutoPilot. They are likely to get this feature probably around the end of this year.

I.T. Support provided by AutoPilot

Windows with Autopilot to eliminate I.T. SupportIf you think that your distributor-friend will help you get the AutoPilot, you are wrong. Because users who are purchasing their Laptop/PC from local vendors, have to check that if their providers participate in AutoPilot deployment program. Microsoft refused to comment on when the OEMs might have such support.

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For provisioning the new devices, the vendor will send a device ID file to the company whenever someone orders a new PC/laptop. The IT department of the company then uploads this information to Windows Autopilot Service. Then, a deployment profile is created and given to the devices. Next, consumers can get their devices from the vendor and just need to sign in with their Azure Active Directory password.


3 features to be added in AutoPilot

Windows with Autopilot to eliminate I.T. Support
Source: MicrosoftTwitter

Yes, the company is planning to introduce 3 exciting features in their new update of Windows 10 that will be known as “fall creators update”. This update is predicted to roll out around September and October this year. One of the capabilities will reset the device to a “business-ready state”. This will let the device retain active directory domain and MDM enrollment states. One of the benefits of having AutoPilot in the system is to have the ability to upgrade the Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Enterprise. To do this, nothing is expected from the user end including the system restart. However, you need to make sure that you have Windows 10 Enterprise E3 license accessible.

There will also be Windows Analytics feature of the Microsoft Operation Management Suite. This addition will be called as “device health” exclusively created for the better user experience. It will observe and report potential issues that would affect the overall experience of the product.

So sit tight and wait for this exciting software update this season!


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