Swedish car manufacturing company Volvo has just declared that it’s every car that they will launch from 2019 will have an electric motor. This is a radical move that announced by the automobile giant Volvo to electrify all the models of the company that has an electric car engine. The move includes 5 all-electric vehicles by 2021. The company has called this move as “placing electrification at the core of its future business.”

Volvo is the first company who in the automobile industry who has made such bold move. The company’s modified cars will include 48-volt hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all Electric Car Models.

Most of the other rivals are on their toes since the Volvo has announced this new move. The automobile giants predicted that all the large vehicles need internal combustion engines that would require electrical support. The automobile company says that that the assistance will be in the form of 48-volt mid-hybrid. This is because they need to pass the future legislation coming after two years. That means the other brands will have also to follow to pass this suit.

Volvo has officially declared that they will launch 5 full electrified models between 2019 to 2021. Among them, three models will be Volvo only and other two will be from Polestar. Polestar is the official Volvo cars performance company.

Volvo designing Electric Car Models

Chairman of Volvo, Håkan Samuelsson, has confirmed that three Volvo electrical products will be brand new. Means, they will not just do slight modifications or copy rest from the existing Volvo cars. Henrik Green who is the head of R&D, also noted that the pure electric model would be available with two battery options. One with the range of up to 310 miles and one will be of moderate power and range. We believe that this range of cars will give a solid impact in the market. Also, they believe that they will be good sales in their earlier phase.

Future Plans of Volvo for Electric Car Models

The company has also said that these cars will have other versions of petrol, diesel, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid 48-volt options on every car. The automobile giant has stated that pure ICE cars will gradually be replaced by the ICE cars with electrified options. The chairman has refused to give any comment on the above statement but has shown the product life cycle of Volvo. He also said that they will replace all of the models of the company by the year 2023. The R&D head Green stated that company uses Scalable Product Architecture and Compact Modular Architecture, which is currently being modified so that they are comfortable for future electrification.

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Samuelsson rejected the idea of all-electric cars in the past. The reporters asked him about that why he is changing his mind now after refusing about the same idea in the first place. To this, he clarified that they were doubtful about the affordability of the electric battery for a car. Also, he believed earlier that they had thought about the unavailability of proper infrastructure. He admitted that the things have gone better and faster as the prices became reasonable and support is easily available.

Beneficiary Ideas behind Developing Electric Car Models

Volvo designing Electric Car Models
Source: FinancialServices

He clarified about the strategy that it for the betterment of the customer only. People are now keen in purchasing electric cars due to increase in the cost of fuels and pollution. So they will have options in the original brand to choose a car.

About the production, the chairman denoted that they will build and develop the earlier model in China. But, eventually, they decided to produce them in European and American plants. The company also commented that their focus is on reducing carbon emission in the environment through its products and production. It targets to have climate neutral manufacturing around 2024-25.


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