The magic is a trick performance and it is a type of the performing art that entertains the audience. Generally, the magician does the magic in card tricks, pulling the rabbit from the hat, showing the person in half, disappearing the beauties and others. In this article, we have revealed some of the top magical tricks such as Vanishing water, Money burning, Levitating disc, traveling the flame with the help of Science.

Here are some of the most common magical tricks revealed:

1. Vanishing water tricks:

The magician takes the ordinary cup and pours some amount of water into the cup. After the series of the gestures, he makes the water disappear. He makes the audience speechless when he flips a cup and yet, no water drips out. The method is not that revelation and this magic makes use of easily available compound like Sodium Polyacrylate.

  • The science behind this trick

some of the most common magical tricks revealed

The Sodium Polyacrylate is the hygroscopic substance and it acts like the sponge and also absorbs water content instantly. The baby diapers contain the sodium polyacrylate compound to absorb the moisture easily. When a cup is lined with the sodium polyacrylate substance and the water comes in contact with the substance forms the mixture, that is a Solid Gel. Unassuming the visitors think that water content has suddenly disappeared.

2. Money burning tricks:

The magician takes the currency note and they tell the visitors that he is going to light the currency on fire. The magician takes the candle or lighter in hand and then light bill aflame. A fire then goes out and leaving bill safe and the visitors spellbound. The bills used in the trick is not an ordinary currency note as that of prior to the tricks.

  • The science behind this trick

some of the most common magical tricks revealed

The currency has already doused in the alcohol water. When the bills are lit, the alcohol is burnt and the currency note remains unharmed.  This magic is because the temperature at which the alcohol burns is not enough to object the water content to evaporate. The bills remain wet and it is not able to catch the fire on its own. Please do not attempt this magical tricks at home because it is high dangerous but money comes in the handy when anyone off purchasing the magic wands.

3. Levitating disc:

The magician pulls out the disc from the container and also put the disc onto the track the magician had laid out on the table. The disc starts levitating though it is entirely composed of the non-magnetic substance. The person knows that anyone can levitate some object using the magnet but there are certain degrees of the freedom with the magnetic levitation. The magnet can attract and repels each other and no one can fix things in the air steadily. As a result, to levitate the objects for the long period is very difficult.

  • The science behind this trick

some of the most common magical tricks revealed

In the trick, the magician employ helps of the superconductors and it interacts with the magnets in a weird manner. The magician can achieve this trick when he covers the object with the thin layer of the superconductor cooled to extremely low temperature. These magical tricks are made up of the magnets and it actually locks disc in the desired path and then levitating the disc like the UFO.

4. Traveling the flame trick:

The magician lights the candle with the lighter in front of the visitors. The magicians then blow out the flame and then immediately place flame from the lighter into smoke. To the amazement of onlooker, the flame travels down smoke and the relight blow out the candle.

  • The science behind this trick

The candle involved is ordinary in respect and the things extraordinary are the best way candle work. The heat from a flame of the burning the candle melts wax around it. Not only wax melts but some part of it vaporizes and also remains inside smoke for a while after the magician blows out a flame.


So, whenever you see some magical tricks, don’t feel so surprised. Rather, try to understand the science behind the tricks. Magic is something that no magician ever explain, just to make you feel amazed. Knowing the science, expose them all.


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