GST stands for, as you may know, Goods and Sevice Tax. The prices of most of the products of the market have increased due to the introduction of GST. Smartphones have 12% of GST which eventually increased the current price to 4-5%. Smartphones are facing the downside in sales since the GST has been applied. It is evident that the rise in prices will be affected most of the market of the nation, but pundits believe that after some time the market will be on its track. Also, the Goods and Sevice Tax phenomenon is good for the Indian economy in the long run. Well, not getting into the GST’s pros and cons, let’s see how GST has affected expensive smartphones brand.

While most of the brand is finding a way to sell their products, Apple has got a slight edge in getting more customers. The GST effect is proving to be a benediction for Apple. The products that they are selling have become cheaper now.

Yes, Finally iPhones are cheaper now!

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Their flagship phone iPhone 7, 256GB variant, was earlier Rs. 80,000 which is now Rs. 74,400. The Rs. 70,000 of 128GB variant is now 65,200. The iPhone 7 (32GB variant) which was earlier Rs. 60,000/- can now be purchased at Rs. 56,200/-. The starting model of iPhone 7 Plus which has 32GB internal storage, now can be bought at Rs. 67,300, earlier available at 72,200.

The cell phones have become Rs. 3,000/- to Rs. 5,000/- cheaper. iPhone SE, 32GB variant had Rs. 27,200/- cost, now available at Rs. 26,000/-. iPhone SE, 128GB variant had Rs. 37,200/-, now available at 35,000.

These surprising price cuts are also applied in the iPad products range. iPad with 9.7-inch display along with WiFi is available in 3 variants in India. 32GB was available at Rs. 28,900/- and 128 GB was available at Rs. 36,900/-. Now after the GST introduced the same products are now available at Rs. 28,000/- and Rs. 35,700/- respectively. iPad Mini 4 with Wi-Fi was earlier available Rs. 34,900/- and now available at Rs. 33,800/-. Now the iPad Mini 4 with Wi-Fi and Cellular can now be purchased at Rs. 44,500/- which was previously bought at Rs. 45,900/-. iPad Pro of 10.5-inch with Wi-Fi enabled is coming in three variants like 64GB, 256GB and 512GB had the price range of Rs. 52,900/-, Rs. 60,900/- and Rs. 76,900/- respectively. After the GST effect, the same prices are cut down to Rs. 50,800/-, Rs. 58,300/- and Rs. 73,900/- respectively.

Goods and Sevice Tax (GST Impact)
Source: Wired

iPad also becomes cheaper now thanks to Goods and Sevice Tax

iPad is no exception in this scenario. The iPad Pro, 12.5 inch is not an exception of this scenario. The prices of 3 variants 64GB, 256GB and 512GB were Rs. 65,900/-, Rs. 73,900/- and Rs. 89,900/- respectively. The same products can be bought now at Rs. 63,500/-, Rs. 70,900/- and Rs. 86,400/-.

Goods and Sevice Tax (GST Impact)
Source: Jagran

Needless to say, the new costs have taken basic customs duty of 10%. The Apple has been a renowned smartphone and laptop manufacturer company whose products are always costlier. Since the GST has been applied overall, the smartphone business giant has made a smart move by decreasing their prices to grab some more customers. Rakshabandhan, Navratri, and Diwali are on the way and this move by Apple Inc. will be fruitful for the company. Pundits believe that Apple’s primary target is to increase their shares in India and the only way to do that is to fill the gap between quality and affordability. The company has done similar changes of decreasing the prices and they have earned well through selling iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S and iPhone 6.

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