Artificial Intelligence is one of the growing technology of the world. The way Artificial Intelligence has grown so far in the past decade is sensational. This technology has taken place in almost all the leading smartphone brands. From Siri in Apple to Google’ Ok Google and Windows’ Cortana, Artificial Intelligence is now becoming part of our lifestyle. Also, Chinese Search Engine service provider Baidu has stated that it will make the Autonomous car available at the end of the year 2019. So now, as a bold move, Google is planning to expand in Canada with Research office for DeepMind. Needless to say, AI has the significant role to play in this bold move by the search engine giant. The people are now using this technology in their daily routine without even knowing it.

DeepMind AI Division Research in Canada by Google

Also, Elon Musk had stated that the way bigger companies are developing in the field of Artificial Intelligence that time is not far when the machine will take over humans. Well, not going into the unwanted results of the growth of Artificial Intelligence, let’s see what the Search Engine Giant of the world has to do with its AI-based company DeepMind. Tuning with the current trend, Google purchased the British AI based company in 2014. The company was founded in September 2010. So, Google is looking for the expansion by opening Deep Mind’s research lab in other parts of the world.

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Canada welcomed this Research of Google in DeepMind AI Division

In a recent blog post, the CEO of DeepMind Demis Hassabis stated that DeepMind is opening its first ever study space in Edmonton. This opening will begin the collaboration of the company with the University of Alberta. Also, the CEO said that it was tough for them to open non-UK research lab. They have very friendly relations with the university and some of them brilliant graduates have got a brilliant career opportunity at DeepMind. The company’s machine learning lab has provided some funding for PhD aspirants.

DeepMind AI Division Research in Canada by Google
Credits: University of Alberta

Rich Sutton will be the leader of DeepMind who is also a long-time advisor and reinforcement learning pioneer of the company. The move was welcomed by none other than the prime minister of Canada himself. Justin Trudeau took this to Twitter to greet the University and expectation of growth and employment in the technology sector. Rich Sutton, Michael Bowling and Patrick Pilarski will manage the Canadian research lab of DeepMind. They also work as professors at UAlberta and keep teaching the community. The company’s official said that our motto is that such developments keep occurring at Edmonton and it eventually becomes the technology and research hub. We want to attract more skilled and talented Artificial Intelligence researchers in future.

Benefits Behind Expanding DeepMind in Canada

Expanding DeepMind to Canada is like a natural extension of what the researchers did in London. The researchers London’s lab help academics of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College of London, MIT and others. In a press conference, Rich Sutton mentioned that DeepMind had a particular emphasis on developing the academics and the University of Alberta is world’s educational leader in reinforcement learning. He showed confidence that this collaboration will accelerate the research ecosystem. It will be same favourable relation what DeepMind has with the universities of the UK.

DeepMind AI Division Research in Canada by Google
Credits: DeepMind

The president of the University of Alberta, David Turpin said that he was thrilled by welcoming Google’s AI powerhouse to Edmonton. He also accepted that Artificial Intelligence and DeepMind research lab would help the students of the university. With this, they will be able to achieve some scientific breakthroughs in the future. He hoped that his collaboration would strong-arm Canada as the leading nation of the world in Artificial Intelligence advancements. This move from DeepMind also delighted the mayor of the city and he welcomed the organisation.

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