One of the most challenging things for any enterprise is to have a productive environment throughout the working hours. Every employee should have a hassle free and secure systems to work with and give maximum output in affordable time. Every employer’s vision is to have such infrastructure in the company that would provide maximum return on investment. So that, this could lead to higher satisfaction rate in the employees. Be it technologically, personally and geographically, employees should perform the best of their abilities. So, to ensure this, Google is up with G Suite for Windows and Mac that could enable to Backup and Sync files from Google drive. 

Idea behind developing G Suite for Windows and Mac


G suite allows to Backup and sync files form google drive
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In the new scenario what companies are facing is to have a flawless and transparent communication channel. Many companies lack robust communication channel that gives them proper medium to connect the managers to their subordinates, employees to their senior authorities. If they have such environment, it is likely that the chain breaks between the intercommunication between the board members. Let’s say that sales team wants to raise an issue regarding a client. So, they go their team leader who agrees on the matter and tries to resolve the same. Now, team leader’s senior and peers might not be aware of the case. And eventually, they cannot make developments at all due to the miscommunication between the authorities, who are supposed to come up with a cumulative solution.

Google’s email service is one of the best of the world, easy to use with proper navigation and workflow. Search engine giant Google has come up with some idea through their product named G Suite. In this, they have integrated their essential services like Google email, hangouts, google drive, google docs, google sheets, Google slides, etc. customised for your enterprise. You can host your email services using G Suite. This will give you a professional way to interact with the client and employees with scalable products of Google.

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More than 3 Million Business are using G Suite


G suite allows to Backup and sync files form google drive
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The resource mentioned that 3 million Startups around the world are now using G Suite for communication. This announcement was made by the CEO of the Google himself, Sundar Pichai. He told the media that G Suite had achieved a new milestone. There are more than 3 million companies collaborated in the cloud, achieving higher productivity in their businesses. He made this announcement in January. So, if they have 3 million businesses on board, then it is evident that there will be more as we are reading this.

Backup and Sync from Google Drive available soon

As a new product comes in the market, people start using it and eventually, the company updates the product as per its usage. G Suite also required some backups and other updates for better performance. Google recently published a blog where they have told that they will roll out an update of Backup and Sync from Google. The objective is to let users get a backup of their documents including pictures on their Google drive. So, they can access everything from anywhere. This tool now syncs with Google Photos desktop uploader. The company wants its users to keep using G Suite until their Google Drive File System which is an enterprise focused provision is made available globally.

G suite allows to Backup and sync files form google drive

With this objective in focus, if an employer allows its staff to install G-Drive for Windows and Mac it will be automatically updated with Backup and Sync when it opens. However, in many cases, employers don’t want to let people connect G-Drive for Windows and Mac. In such cases, the system won’t upgrade employees to the latest features from their G Suite accounts. This update will surely help Google drive to increase customer satisfaction rate that they are having now.


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