Google has been used almost every corner of the world but not in China. Baidu is the biggest search engine provider of China. The company and its CEO are under investigation of breaking any traffic rules and regulations while testing Autonomous cars. Beijing traffic police said last and confirmed that they are investigating a search engine providing company for the matter.

It started with an objective

The search engine provider company Baidu, is also keen in developing driverless and autonomous cars in China. It has announced a good range of self-driving cars testing on Wednesday, last week. The Baidu is aiming to have such vehicles on Chinese roads by the end of the year 2019. China claimed that it has developed word’s unique autonomous driving alliances with almost 50 partners on board. This will accelerate the commercialization of Artificial Intelligence.

Baidu is testing Autonomous Cars & following traffic rules in China
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Last week, the company said that partnership of more than 50 companies includes 13 Chinese car manufacturing companies. Also, the two western car firms Daimler and Ford joined to unite for the project. The partnership also includes car components manufacturers, ride sharing enterprises like China’s UCAR and Singapore-headquartered Grab Taxi are on board for this project.

Baidu followed an interesting open source strategy where it exported its technology and integrate others’ companies’ capabilities to make a win-win situation. This smart move will surely transform the current industry. Artificial Intelligence will be the primary reason to make the same.

Baidu is directly giving competition to the Google in the US and Nissan in Japan

4,000 people were present in Baidu’s inaugural AI developer conference in Beijing. Lu also said that Baidu is in leading position to let China become the biggest leader in autonomous driving in coming three years. He also added that the company will open branches in the USA and Singapore for further development in the Apollo project.

But it is easier said than done!

Baidu is testing Autonomous Cars & following traffic rules in China

It seems that the leading search engine provider’s journey to launch autonomous cars has to go some legal sanctions. Just a day after, i.e. Thursday, the police have shared a post on its official microblogging website that they are investigating if there were any irregularity in using a driverless car on streets.

The CEO of Baidu did a live video broadcasting on Wednesday where he was sitting on the passenger seat and evidently, there was no driver present on in the car. They broadcasted a video on the huge screen for the purpose of chatting with the AI developers present at the conference. Certainly, it was the product demo of the companies’ new alliance, autonomous cars. This episode created an online buzz where they said whether the company has been legally allowed to conduct the test.

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The Police’s Concern on the testing of Autonomous Cars

The police also said that they are supporting innovation and technology. They also support the idea of the driverless car. But they want it to perform under legal, safe and scientific environment. If the product has violated any government traffic rules and law, it will be punished. When the company asked about these legal proceedings they refused to comment anything on the matter.

Baidu is testing Autonomous Cars & following traffic rules in China
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China has been doing well in the race of developing Autonomous cars. Its objective is to create an independent shift in an economy driven by technology and consumer sectors rather than low-end manufacturing and heavy industries.

If the search engine service provider’s initial steps went well, then the China would dominate and hold a huge share in the field of Automobile and Artificial Intelligence. Also, competing against other big companies like Google, Facebook and Tesla.


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