iPhone has been the first choice luxurious smartphones for not only flamboyant people but the tech-lovers. The user interface and operating system of the device steal the show. The camera is one of the supreme in the market. People just love the camera quality and its color reproduction colour white balance of the iPhone cameras is just wow! With that Also, Apple was the first company to introduce touch screen devices. Despite their higher prices, people still buy this prime cellphone. Most of the stocks are pre-booked whenever Apple announces its new flagship devices.

Apple did not stop here. They always updated their technology in iPhone with the passage of time. They introduced Siri, one of the best Artificial Intelligence powered feature which understands almost everything you say. Apple has been keeping evolving throughout their span.

Last week, Apple completed a decade and the company is now 10 years old. What impact it had on the industry was that it was the only product from a company. The same product has never achieved majority market cut. But still, it shook and transformed not only its industry but transformed others.

iPhone of Apple would be the most impactful Smartphones
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One day Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs said to John Lasseter who’s Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer that everybody has a cellphone. But Steve Jobs thought there is none person who liked the cell phone he owned. To create a masterpiece, Jobs innovated something revolutionary, known as the touch screen. A single button in the bottom panel and a big screen then. A phone that is a mobile at the time parallelly works as a camera and a gaming device.

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When you look back at the product pitch of the first iPhone, we know that Steve Jobs has a bright sight that can view and change the future. Today, he is no more, but his hustle and product are changing lives of everyone. Siri is a wonder of artificial intelligence. If you skip to ten more years, i.e. 2027, you can think how our lives would have been changed then.

Rumoured Features of Smartphones by 2017:

By 2027, the smartphones will be not so thicker than the pane of glass or paper. There will be no buttons, thick or curved edges. Just a transparent glass that would create wonders. The camera quality will make you awestruck, and the battery performance will be jaw dropping. Yes, the battery won’t be flushed in some hours or days, it will last up to weeks! A reliable 5G network would have been easier to use at our fingertips. The internet will be so faster that you would no longer have to wait to download a file of size in Gigabytes.

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Well, this may seem every other tech geek’s wish, but all of the things are under process. Qualcomm is working on 5G; Corning is making Gorilla Glass flexible and practically indestructible. The smartphones will directly connect with your brain and everything you will wish will present itself in front of you in a small device.

iPhone of Apple would be the most impactful Smartphones
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The biggest change that you will observe is the integration of Artificial Intelligence in our day to day lives. AI will drive your car, handle your house, pay your bills, and maintain your business and industry. Let’s hope that it won’t have any adverse effects on our lives. The way Apple is working on their Artificial Intelligence projects, it is just a matter of time that this smartphone manufacturing giant’s AI products will dominate the market and revolutionise other industries. Tesla and Paypal owner Elon Musk also believes that Apple is developing faster in the sector of AI.

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