Rubrik… is now all over technology which changed a lot of things which literally made things easier. Because within 3-year-old Rubrik copies data in an instant in the cloud, valued at $1bn. Arvind Nithrakashyap, Aravind Jain, Soham Mazumdar, Bipul Sinha collaborated to introduce a technology which can make CTO’s life much better than before. CTO responsibility is to deal with the technical issues in the organisation. The main work of the CTO is to search for the technologies and software through which they can sell the product of the company easily. The software as in technology came out of Rubrik will be helpful for CTO in a way. This is because using this technology, one can get all the information about an organisation whether be a public or private in one instant.

The shocking part of this Rubrik is that this organisation had done a miracle in making funds for it like in a short period of time. It did raise the funds to $292 million in the span of 3 years. In an organisation, everything goes smoothly as according to the schedule but sometimes there will be need of back up files which will make CTO’s work easy. And this is one of the tasks done by Rubrik. The Rubrik will be giving these backups even which are not available in other branches of the organisation.

Rubrik can instantly backup data on cloud
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How Rubrik started in first place?

It was like making a reunion with the past friends. Four people who are involved are mutual friends among them one led by the other. Once getting a bit idea like something can happen like this, Vipul started a discussion with his friends. In the discussion, they got few point like about a virtual machine which can store a large amount of data. Also, it can be backed up in the form of BLOB into the public cloud. This was the first step which leads them to a perfect plan about Rubrik. In the initial period, the company only concentrated on the management system which takes care of the data. As the news came out over 500 companies signed up with Rubrik to back up their data.

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Is it useful for Industry to backup a Data in Cloud?

This is the question which raises everytime anything new comes into the market. And my answer to this question is yes, it is useful. Because there is no need to invest billions of dollars in some hardware just for the sake of back up data. By using this, a consumer company can analyse all the data and can have a fast information about the customer behaviour. No need to wait for a longer time just to install the hardware for back up. But the most important thing is, no need to waste money solely for this. Instead, you can invest the fund somewhere else, which will be more profitable for the organisation.

Rubrik can instantly backup data on cloud

Veritas, Hitachi, IBM, EMC are some of the companies which offer backups for the organisation. Rubrix gave a bit shock to them as it came as a small startup and grown up so fast which was unexpected. Within no time it became a competitor to other companies who were offering back up to the organisations.

According to the market news, the rubrics manage to get $75 billion for backup in the industry. While there is no such prediction where the founders of rubrik taking this too.


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